Welcome to my new blog everyone!

I hope to use this awesome space to highlight, review and promote items from my shop and, of course, all things Etsy! And from time to time, you'll find tips, tricks and other fun things!!

Everytime I tell someone that I am selling on Etsy, they ask "What's that?" I just thought everyone knew about Etsy - even Martha has featured Etsy sellers on her show! (and how cool is that!?). I like to think of Etsy as the worlds largest Art Show & Craft Fair.

I have been a member of Etsy for almost 2 years. The first of which was spent mostly exploring and dreaming. I have only really started to list items and really get serious about my business. I love it and am having so much fun. I really enjoy the community that Etsy provides for all of us artisans!
In my shop, called doe Studio, you can find crocheted items, beautiful photography and accessories! I do this part time with aspirations to work at this full time! Oh to dream!! I , must admit that I am severely addicted to crochet. I have been working with the hook and fibre for many years, many more than I care to admit!! I'll elaborate on my wool addiction another time!
I'll leave you with a sneak peek of what you can find in my shop!
More later.....

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