The little things....

I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful vacation. Spent a week with family on an island in the middle of Haliburton Lake, Ontario. Just beautiful! With so many of us around it was nice to get little breaks for myself...relaxing, meditating and of course, crocheting. Check out my shop in the next week or so to see my new listings! I had the chance to spend lots of quality time with my little guy. I also had the immense joy of watching him change from a toddler into a little boy over the course of the vacation. Such a big transformation, I am so proud of him. Coming home makes me wish that I could spend more time with him on a daily basis. It makes my heart ache. Perhaps one day!

Much to my surprise upon my return, I received an email from a fellow Etsy seller - bstudio. She had featured one of my pieces in her treasury about colour. I was very honoured and grateful!!

She featured my Lilac photograph, which just happens to be one of my faves!

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Please visit her shop, bstudio...

Ooooooooh! There are just so many lovely things in her shop that it's hard to choose just one to show you here. So here it goes! I just love this one! Even though it's meant as a ring bearer pillow ~ I could see this one on my bed! Just stunning!

It's all the little things, like vacations and pillows, that make the world a happier place!

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