New Addition - Etsy Spotlight of the Week

Welcome to my new weekly spotlight on a talented Etsy Artisan! I will be featuring one seller every week (or so!). I invite you to take some time to visit the shops, browse around and enjoy their creations! I am so proud to be a member of such a talented community! I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I enjoy putting it together!

So without any further ado...
This week in the spotlight is Lurearts. Pam McFadyen is a very talented clay artist who works out of Toronto, Ontario.
Here's what she has to say about her art...

"There is something special about things made of clay. Each piece is unique and imperfect, much like us. I began my career in art as a painter but have become enamored by all things ceramic. I purposefully aim to make each work unique so the personality of the piece is evident even when it is part of a set. I create functional art with high fire stoneware that is meant to be used. Once you fill your home with handmade things you will notice that you gravitate to your favourites like the green ceramic mug or the brown clay bowl.

I am constantly striving to perfect and experiment with the chemistry of my glazes but have become attached to pale greens and tans because they have a subtle complexity that keeps me finding beauty in the same piece no matter how many times I have seen it. The gentle colours also allow the form to take precedence so the piece must have strong line, shape and personality. My newest glazes are watery colors such as Midnight Sea and Waterlily green. All of my bowls, mugs and ramekins are thrown and trimmed on a wheel yet may have trace elements of hand altering to complement the design of the piece.

I enjoy using texture in my handbuilt works. I design and carve plates that I then use to impress a relief botanical texture into my slabs. The delicate textures allow the glazes to break and pool which creates stunning colours. I am inspired by the simplicity of Asian design and the complexity of Rococo embellishment. Aiming to create a balance between these two contrasting sensibilities keeps me creating new and interesting works."

Go ahead, take a moment and discover her art for your self. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

I,myself, am very drawn to pottery, perhaps it's the Taurus in me! I love the many shapes it can hold, its connection to the earth, it's strength and long lasting beauty. Pam has a wide selection of treasures including pendants, vases, bowls and my favourite, MUGS! Become a fan of Lurearts and the creations of Pam McFadyen - I know I have!

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