Tips for listing on Etsy

Yes it's true, a whole month has gone by without one single blog...
Must make an modest effort to do this blogging thing more often!

Lots has been going on. I have been crocheting like a crazy woman (just ask the hubby!). I have so much stuff ready to I need to do my thing! Need to take photos (no problem), write my descriptions and commit myself to sitting at the computer for a while!

Here are some tips (or at least a couple of ways that I try to make it easier for myself) for creating a new listing for your Etsy shop.

  • Photos: Your photos should be your number one priority (aside from creating your masterpiece of course!). Ultimately this is what's going to "sell" your product. Make sure you have good, clear photos. I like to "display" mine as much as possible, using props if you have them. Be sure to indicate in your listing that your props are not included. Ensure your lighting is good, either use a light box or nice, natural light. Check these out: Picasa is a great photo editing program and it's free! Webresizer compresses your photos for easier uploading.
  • Descriptions: It's easiest to compose your descriptions in a word processing program so you can work at your leisure and use the spell check feature. Alternately, send yourself an email. Compose as usual, include your description (doing a spell check) and attach your photos. In this email, you can also make notes to yourself about price, quantity and tags. Now you are good to go!

Following the directions for listing your item on Etsy is very straight forward. Don't be intimidated, and don't worry. The more you do it, the easier it gets! I have found that browsing or posting in the forums if you have a problem will usually get you a lighting fast resolution to your questions.

Good luck listing your goodies, and if you ever have any questions, come by my shop and convo me. I'll be happy to help!!

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