Etsy Pick of the week - bstudio

My sincere apologies! My "weekly" spotlight has turned into a biweekly spotlight this time around. Life has been crazy the past week and a bit. In the past 8 days we have sold our old truck, sold our HOUSE, my husband graduated trade school (with HONOURS no less!) and we have bought ourselves a new abode! Very exciting times!
So onto the spotlight. bstudio uses the needlecraft technique of silk ribbon embroidery to create unique and lovely pieces such as pillows, note cards and other fabulous accessories. Here's what she has to say about her art:
"I work primarily in silk ribbon and started out making embroidered pillows and ring pillows. I find that once I become comfortable and familiar with the techniques of a medium I like to experiment and explore. That has lead me to try my hand at greeting cards and my latest addition in my shop which is jewelry made with silk ribbon. I love the whole process of designing and creating all the items in my shop.When I first started crafting, I was working in needlepoint and discovered the work of Kaffe Fasset. I'm impressed with his way of using color and design that is so different from the traditional methods.

I’m also inspired by the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly, another artist who ‘thinks outside the box’ when it comes to the medium he works in. That's what I like to do too, take the medium and see what I can do with it, not what the instructions tell me to do with it.

My inspiration comes from many sources, some are easy to identify, like the flowers in my garden or the nature that surrounds me but others are more ephemeral and just seems to grow and develop like a seed. I love to look through design and craft magazines and books and even fashion mags just to get the essence of a style or an idea. I have an interior design background working mostly on office spaces. This gives my work a split personality, some of it will be decorative and some of it will be more stylized. It will depend on what my idea is and what the ribbon or fabric says to me."

As you can see, her work is simply beautiful! Go and check out her shop, you won't be disappointed!

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