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* semi precious & wire wrapped jewelry *
Initially, I was drawn to this shop because of it's name! MuffinTops can have a double meaning (especially for all of us women out there who have a little "extra" around the middle)! Hilarious! Then I browsed her shop and was delighted to see such beautiful jewelery! And Sock Monkeys to boot! Who doesn't love Sock Monkeys!?
Q. How long have you been "crafting" in your art medium?
A. In my first life, I was a fine arts major specializing in drawing, painting and installation art. However, life moved in ways I didn't predict and I ended up with a masters in Art Therapy and working in non-profit mental health housing and support! I took up jewelry making after a small personal crisis and never looked back since! The sock monkeys were a project for an art group I was running with clients and I got addicted to making them.

Q. How long have you been a part of Etsy?:
A. I've been a part of Etsy for about a year and a half. My cousin had found this site and suggested that I start selling here!
Q. Tell me about yourself:
A. I've been told that I'm a multitasking whirlwind! I love creating, and finding new things to make - even though most of them don't end up seeing the light of day! I'm actually heading into my 14th week of my first pregnancy, so I'm looking forward to becoming a mamma for the first time too.

Q. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years (either as a part of Etsy or otherwise)?:
A. In five years, I would love to have my own little studio and be doing this full time. I still would love to be working in the mental health sector - at least part time! and maybe be a mom to more than this little one. If the husband and I could put our heads together to start our own business, that would be fantastic too!
Q What is your favorite item in your shop right now and why?
A. My favorite item is: while my silver collection isn't my best seller, I'm in love with the process and the shine of sterling! This one is a perfect contrast of texture! the disc can also be worn convex or concave - shielding you from negative energy... or absorbing good!

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