Must Love......Scarves!

Well, it's late October and here in Ontario, Canada the temperatures are dropping as quickly as the Canadian Dollar. (Oh Dear! Bad joke!!) So with the colder weather, one must prepare themselves by making amendments to their wardrobe. Yes, my friends, I speak of the scarf.
We all know that with winter comes the coat and most likely the hat and even sometimes, mittens. But not everyone has embraced the practicality, the functionality and the high fashion impact the scarf holds. In my eyes, everyone simply must love scarves.
Now having said I all of that, I feel that I must mention that I am, well, biased. You see, I love to make scarves and therefore have undying love and respect for all of them. I think everyone should have them. Long ones, fat ones, skinny ones, red ones. I don't discriminate! All scarves are of equal beauty and serve an equal purpose. A scarf can save your face, literally. Wrap your cheeks with a sumptuous, soft and lovely scarf this winter and watch the changes happen in your skin. By taking protective measures against the wind, you will be saved from the terrible dry flaky cheeks of years gone by. You'll look great and have great skin as a bonus!
Now let's take a look at some of your options. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that you don't have to wear that same old thin tartan scarf from your youth (although you should hold on to it and put it into your rotation)! Today, with so many fabulous designers out there, you could wear a different scarf everyday of the season! Currently my favorite style is a long very soft wool scarf with the fringe running along the side instead of just adorning the ends. Talk about DRAMA (see photo at top of post)!! Even though I have been making these for over a year now, I'm still debating on what to call them "SideSwept" Scarves or "SideWinder" Scarves. Perhaps I will hold a poll on a future post.
Also piquing my interest in the scarf world of late are the Scarflette and Lariat Style Scarves. Both will change the look of your attire in an instant. The Scarlette works so well under your huge bulky coat, simply because it hugs your neck. No fuss, no muss! A Scarflette is similar to a cowl with the difference lying in only how they are put on. The scarflette is worked as an open ended piece that is fastened with either a broach, button or a tie of some sort. Thus far, I have enjoyed the many fantastic button options available. My next step with no doubt include the brilliant broaches out there!
Lariat style scarves are unique. Thin and versatile, they serve to act more as an accessory rather than a functional weather barrier (although some may surprise you and act as both!). I enjoy them immensely, just wrap (and wrap and wrap) and wait for the complements (yes, they will come!). Lately I have been combining up to 3 Lariat scarves at once to create a dimensional, dramatic piece that has many looks. Each piece and be worn separate of each other and can be worn in a number of ways. Wear it every day of the week, but never the same way twice - how cool is that!?
So I implore all of the doubters out there - give scarves a chance! You'll be happy you did! And look fabulous to boot! Browse my ridiculously fantastic scarf inventory here.

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Lenox Knits said...

Gorgeous! And a great piece of writing on the glory of the scarf. I for one am glad to see them so much in style now.