Sales (and views) are on the rise

Even if it's slowly but surely my Etsy sales are on the rise! And view are too! I'm not sure where they all came from but my views in the past couple of days have been staggering. I actually scrolled through all of the treasuries to see if I was featured. But alas, I couldn't find it! Maybe I was on the front page and just didn't see it in time! Did you happen see me on the front page?

I had another sale this morning...

Fiona - Wrap in Charcoal Grey. Made with a mohair/acrylic blend yarn.

She's very lovely - I really enjoyed making this piece. It's very soft, squeezable and warm. And because it's wide and long, it's very versatile. Wrap it, wear as a scarf or a cowl (hey you could even use it as a lap-ghan). Surprisingly, as soon as this sold, my views dropped immediately. That alone tells me something was up!

I miss her already! Maybe I'll have to make another one - not much planned this weekend except packing anyway! Why not!

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