GTD treatment update

A special thanks to everyone who has come by and read my story and supported my fundraising efforts.
My last treatment was on last a week ago Wednesday. I have been managing pretty well with only fatigue, loss of appetite and some thinning hair. After the last treatment, I noticed a red itchy welt on my arm just above the injection site. I checked in with my Primary nurse, and went down to have it looked at. The Dactinomycin (the chemo drug) had leaked out of my vein and burned my skin from the inside out. Crazy and scary at the same time. As a result of the leakage, I am scheduled to have a PICC line put in on Tuesday. A PICC line is a catheter that goes into a vein in your arm, with the tip resting in an artery close to your heart. This is a more effective way to deliver the chemo and can be used to collect blood samples as well (which I am still doing weekly). I am a bit scared about the PICC procedure but it's a small battle in the GTD war!
I am about 8 weeks into treatment and my nurse thinks that I may have up to 12 more weeks to go. Lets hope that the "magic juice" can do the trick and I can finish up sooner rather than later! We have been dealing with all of this since December and it's been a long 5 months. We are ready to move on and be done with it all. Check out my Molar Pregnancy post below for information on my fundraising efforts through my Etsy shop and also Relay for Life.
Thanks for coming by! Please feel free to leave comments!

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