Daisy Yoke Dress

I am trying something new! I have never made a "garment" before, generally sticking to less complicated and free form items.

I have never been one to read patterns very well, especially when they are complicated!! But I couldn't resist this time. I found a really cute summer dress that I am hoping to surprise my sweet niece with on her birthday! I have been working feverishly for the past day and have accomplished a lot so far.
Here's a peek of the early stages...

I am thinking it may be a little big for her now...but that's okay, she's growing fast! Depending how I make out with the finished product and if I can get her to model the dress for me, I'll post some photos!
(Hmmmm...those cute Daisies could become an inspiration for some very COOL scarves!!).


Audrey said...

Looking good Dawn!!! Can't wait to see it finished!! (I may need the pattern for my little one!!)

Bead Up said...

I see a necklace in the making in that lovely little number!