Finished! And looking good!

Well it didn't take me long! I finished this dress within 24 hours of starting...I think that's a new record for me! I did a little bit of modification from the original pattern and added a side tie to create a small gather and another daisy to adorn it. Happy Birthday, my little Mouse!!

I am pretty happy with the finished product and will definitely be trying more garments in the future! I am so happy to have a niece to make this stuff for - I enjoyed making this so much!
Once I have gotten a little more practice under my belt, perhaps I'll sell some of these in my shop.
In the mean time I have added a couple of new baby blankets to my shop stock! I am gearing up for participating in the Georgina Studio Tour in the my hands will be busy over the summer! I'll blog more about the Tour later. So if you've got a moment, grab a coffee and swing by my shop to browse the newest additions!

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