A cloth that is eco-friendly and super cool. Shocking, but true!

There is nothing as satisfying (well, okay, almost nothing) as selling a handful of reusable, eco-friendly multi-purpose, super cool cotton cloths. They are one of my favorite things to whip up, and they serve such a great purpose. I only use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, which is "responsibly" grown and processed. It's soft and absorbent, and ultra easy care.
There are so many things you can use these for, they truly are multi-functional.

I have designed these cloths with lots of texture and that makes them perfect as face or wash cloths. They scrub gently to remove dead skin, providing gentle exfoliation. To boost their scrubalicious powers, use your favorite face scrub or body sugar. Roll them up and tuck them in a basket in the guest room, very impressive!!
In the kitchen, they are a workhorse! Wipe up dirty faces (I have a 3 year old, so there's lots of those), scrub your dishes, clean your counters, *repeat*! Again the texture and durability of the cotton will get the job done. I have used mine with regular dish soap and natural cleaning products, and they hold up to lots of abuse. Around the house they can also be used for general cleaning and dusting.
In a pinch, I have also used them as a hot pad or trivet, to protect my harvest table and they have also been used to pull a tray full of cookies out of the oven. What can't these babies do?!
When you are done with your cloth, be sure to rinse them thoroughly and allow to dry between uses. When your cloth needs a cleaning itself, toss in the wash with mild detergent (it can go in the dryer too, on the lowest heat setting). Soon you'll have a fresh new cloth, ready to do all of your dirty work!
Click on the color you like to see it's listing: blue, mauve or tan.
If you've got to clean (either the kitchen or yourself), it may as well be FUN!! Enjoy!

Shopping Local

I recently sold two framed photographs to a local business. He is using them as a Silent Auction donation for one of his customers. I really love the idea of supporting local business and artisans wherever possible. Next time you are on Etsy, try the "Shop Local" feature to discover new talented artisans in your area. I have found lots of cool treasures this way!