Blog Swap #2 with Silver Sisters Studio

It's been so wonderful getting to know such talented and sweet artists through this shop swap and blog. Not only has it been great fun making items for the swap, and imagining these ladies wearing what I've sent them, but even BETTER to get my package in the mail!! Honestly it was all I could do to actually wait until I got home to take photos as I was opening the package. Torture (in a good way)!

Lovely touch...handmade sticker on the back of my package.

Wow! So wonderfully packaged! Very professional and pretty!

I love fall and this gorgeous leaf barrette is PERFECT!

Covered in delicate French Knots, this barrette is absolutely stunning! A real work of art for your hair!

It means so much more when there's a hand written note!
One more extra special touch!

Thank you so much for including such wonderful items in your swap! To know how much work and love went into each piece makes them both extra special. I am so excited to put these piece in my regular hair accessory "rotation". So now that you've seen the pieces, let's meet the woman behind them!


A bit about yourself : First off, I am a mother of two fantastic little girls. They are my reason d’etre as it were. Secondly, I am a maker of things. I’ve been making things since I was really little, from refashioning clothes to making paper to painting t-shirts I’ve always got my hands in something. I know, every artsy person says that right – but why fight it?

What made you start your business: I saw something in my friend’s store that I thought I could make, so I went home and tried it. Several prototypes later I decided I’d make more money selling them on my own. Who knew how much work that would be, but I love being in control of my own shop. I love the direct contact with my customers, and knowing that each of my creations is going out to be loved by someone else that I’ve often never met before.

What you plan to accomplish with your business: My shop is really new. Right now I’m seeing where it takes me. I have big plans of different things to offer, so we’ll see where this all goes in the end.

What you get most out of having your own business: I love creating things and getting feedback and being part of a wider community. I think being public with my art is where I need to be right now.

Your favorite independently owned online shop:
She also has a blog ( ) with lots of posts about the process and inspiration behind her creations which I find absolutely fascinating. It’s like going inside someone else’s head. I totally love the pillow she has in her shop – she has pictures of the asphalt that inspired it on her blog.

I encourage everyone to visit Gisele's shop, Silver Sister's Studio, especially all of my Canadian readers! She offer's on par pricing - which is a fantastic offer! She makes beautiful accessories by hand embroidering reclaimed felt. Hurry up and stop over now, she's having a sale (and we ALL LOVE A GOOD SALE!!). And if I were you, I'd bookmark her blog, a little birdie told me that there is something special coming up real soon!!

Again I also want to send an extra special thank you to Pattie from Structured Chaos for organizing, running, promoting and devoting so much of her time to this swap. Please see her blog, fan her on Facebook and see her shop!

Time for a Giveaway - 3 actually!!!

Attention Facebook Fans....Important Announcement:
This months Fan Appreciation draw will be held on November 27th. Each fan is automatically entered in the draw. You can earn extra entries by:
1. going to my Etsy shop and telling me which item you like the best (post a link to it on my fanpage),
2. by putting a link to my Fanpage on your personal page, inviting friends to join, and
3. By mentioning the giveaway in your blog, with a link to this page. Please leave me a post letting me know when you have completed these missions!!!
Since we are gearing up for Christmas...I'll be giving out 3 items this month (for you to keep or give as a gift).
One scarf, one necklace and glass tile pendant AND one 8x10 print. 3 names will be drawn!! That's right folks...3 winners for 3 prizes. Photos of the prizes will be posted later this weekend on my fanpage when I have completed them!!
I love my fans and want you to know it!!! You can only win if you are a fan of my doe Studio Facebook why not get over there and fan me right now?! You might be one of this months lucky winners.
The draw will be held on November 27th a 9pm EST and the winners names will be posted on my fanpage. Good Luck!!!
P.S. Gift Certificates are HERE!!!

Blog Swap Bliss!!!

Recently I participated in my very first Shop Swap and Blog!!! The premise is simple, you are paired with another online shop, you swap goodies, then you blog about it! How fun is that?!!
I decided to double my fun and chose to have two swap buddies.
Audrey's Country Crafts is my first swapping buddy! Audrey is wonderful and we had a lot of fun going back and forth through emails during the process!! Here's a bit about Audrey, let's get to know her a bit better!!
Just waiting to be opened!

Online Shop Address

Blog Address

A bit about yourself
I am a wife, mother, school bus driver and avid crafter. We live outside a small town in southern Manitoba, and have been crafting/painting for about 14 years now. My husband, Brad, and I have been married for almost 21 years and have two sons - Luke (19) and Logan (17). We love to go quadding (riding ATV's) as a family, hiking, trying new foods, meeting new people etc.
I started crafting about 15 years ago. At the time I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 small children. One day I saw an ad in the local paper for a beginner folkart painting class. My husband suggested that I go, as a way to get out of the house one evening a week and talk to other adults. So I joined. I think he's sorry now. LOL After attending the class I was hooked and haven't stopped painting since. Did many small craft shows at the beginning, and have done a few larger ones lately. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I just keep telling my husband that crafting is my therapy and it's cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Some of my inspiration for my crafts comes from other crafters. But my grandma inspires me the most. She lost her eyesight slowly about 35 years ago, but it didn't slow her down. Grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was younger, it's just not my thing. Couldn't manage to even knit a scarf straight. She is now 93.5 years old (1/2 years count at that age), and still knits everyday, making scarves, mittens and slippers for the great-grandchildren. I hope I can still craft when I'm 93!

What made you start your business
My craft room was getting to full of things I was making, so decided to try selling them. Now I'm hooked! LOL.

What you plan to accomplish with your business

My business is not supposed to ever be full time. For me it's more about the fun I have making the items, looking through new craft books/magazines, and trying new and fun crafts.

What you get most out of having your own business
Sanity! I need to create to keep sane!!

Adorable Wall Plaque, snowmen melt my heart!

Your favorite independently owned online shop
Oh my - that is a really tough question! About a year ago I had Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash contact me about swapping a couple of my items for some of her B&B products. We have since become friends and chat online quite a few times a week. I have ordered many many of her soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs and body butters to use for myself and to give as gifts. I love them all!! Cara is a sweetie, so easy to deal with and ships really quickly. Her shop is

Any upcoming shop promotions
From November 15-30 I will be having a Christmas Promotion in my shop. As well as a "Christmas Open House" featuring 10 other shops on my blog. Check it out for great promo's from each shop and 10 Give Away Prizes!

Now that we know a bit more about Audrey and her shop, I have to show you the package I received from her. Honestly, it was like Christmas! I carefully unwrapped each tissue bound parcel! She also included her business card and a fridge magnet (I call them Fridgies!)
Two absolutely adorable Wooden Christmas Ornaments!

I love bookmarks...this one is beautiful. "grow"

Sunflower and Bumblebee Windchime ~ perfect!

I have a soft spot for grapevine Wreaths - LOVE this one!

My treasures "unwrapped" ~ I'm so lucky!

I had so much fun participating in this swap. It was fun to put together a package for someone else and also fun to receive. Audrey blogged about the package I sent her, stop by and see what she said! Please stop by Audrey's shop, Audrey's Country Crafts and pick up some wonderful handmade items just in time for Christmas!
I also want to say a HUGE, extra special thank you to Pattie from Structured Chaos for organizing, running, promoting and devoting so much of her time to this swap. Please see her blog, fan her on Facebook and see her shop!