It's okay to get excited about Angora!!!

Sorry!! I, like many people, have been severely distracted from my blog posts by a teensie-weensie cultural event we know as Christmas!! We had our last family get-together last night, almost two-months after the inception of the season! Needless-to-say, I have been busy this morning taking down decorations, "un-trimming" the trees and putting everything back to normal...whatever that is!
So, lets get to the reason for this post. Angora. Shortly before Christmas, I received a very big and exceptionally delightful (I giggled when I opened it up) shipment of Angora blend yarn. Lots of gorgeous colors, just ready to get hooked into lovely scarves! I spent a lot of time this season whipping up gifts for teachers, bus drivers and various other recipients, all of whom were delighted with the loveliness that is Angora.
Now that time is a tad more abundant, I will be adding several styles of the angora scarf to my inventory!! I'll be sure to update you when they arrive.
In the meantime...eye candy for the Angora-lover in you!!!

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Amanda Robins said...

I love angora and was even thinking of keeping angora rabbits just so I could knit up the yarn!! Decided against it though as I already have 2 cats, a horse, 4 hens, a gerbil and a child!!