{new Perspective}

The New Year has given me a new perspective. One like never before. I'm sure it has that effect with a lot of people, and I have experienced it on a smaller scale in the past. But this year has been different. I have re-evaluated myself, my goals, my life. I am proud to say that I have made some wonderful discoveries.
As some of you already know, I was diagnosed with cancer little over a year ago. It changed my life. Not only did I lose the baby I had been dreaming of for so long, I had a huge fight on my hands. We managed, somehow, to keep smiling and carry on. Almost a year to the day of diagnosis, I received the "all clear" from my oncologist. I am free from weekly blood work, chemo treatments and doctors visits. It is a true sense of freedom. Elated can only begin to describe the feeling.
So, with this new found freedom, this gift of a healthy body and sound mind, I begin the year. On my journey inward, here are some things that I found out about myself:
  • I am addicted to self-help books, enlightened reading material and anything written about using the Law of Attraction in your life!
  • I am strong. My legs are very strong, and I have promised to give them a "run" for their money by signing up for my first race: a half marathon in May.
  • I turn 40 this year, and am determined to be in the best shape of my life.
  • I am creative. This has it's pros and cons! I sometimes can't stop the wheels from churning, even at 3 am. I have so many ideas and just not enough hands to create it all!
  • I have an entrepreneurial spirit. As I begin to believe in myself more and more, I am dreaming of ways to turn my strengths, talents and ideas, into exciting and viable streams of income.
  • I love my life. Despite the events of the last year (and probably as a result of it all), I am so incredibly happy.
  • I love my space. We moved into a new home weeks before I got sick last year. I truly believe that this wonderful space, with it's great view of the nearby lake, has helped me to heal faster and keep a positive outlook on all of life's situations.
  • I enjoy making the most of any situation. In a positive, constructive manner.
  • I love Hot Yoga. I love everything about it. I love where I practice it, the instructors who share their expertise, guidance and light. I even love the "hurt" the next day. I only wish I could participate more often.
  • I really miss painting. I used to take folk art painting classes, and have made some fun pieces in the past. Some of those were Christmas Tree ornaments that I pull out every year. This year, I actually said to myself..."hey, these are really great!", and took some photos. I'll put them up in my next post.
  • I refuse to underestimate myself, my abilities and my talents from this day forward.
I am sure there are more discoveries to uncover, and they will reveal themselves as life unfolds! For now, I am so happy to have come into the New Year with the sense of hope, wonder and opportunity.
My wish for you is to discover your strengths, talents and all of the things that make you happy in life. Make the most of every moment. Starting right now.


Aleutie said...

You are a wonderful human being, I wish you all the best in this new year!

simpledaisy said...

What an ispiring story.
I totally understand what you mean about being a creative spirit..I can't tell you how times I have been unable to sleep b/c my mind is spinning with ideas! Now if only I could mesh them all into some kind of business...that would be great!
Good luck on the half marathon!! you can do it! I did one other one and it was tough but that's what training is for. Plus, you have just gone through something that will give you strength as you run!
Keep me posted:)

Jenn said...

You are an Amazing woman and have always been. We have known each other for nearly 39 years and I know that when you set a goal you reach it.
Reach for the stars my friend because you will catch one and will hold it in your hand!
Your journey will keep inspiring lthers and will help others heal as well!
I know your journey is really just beginning now as you have healed from a past you are now closing and will open a new chapter in your life and continue on with it.
Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

i love you and you're my best friend and I'm so blessed to have you as my sister.

caz said...

You are such an inspiration Dawn!
Thank you for sharing.