Past Creations ~ Future Aspirations

Each Christmas I dig up the family decorations, old and new. This year I pulled out some hand painted bears that I had painted about 7 years ago. Not to sound pretentious, but I was impressed!! You see, I used to enjoy Folk Art painting. I have quite a few very cool things that I have made in the past. I have taken to crocheting and other projects in the recent past and have retired the paint brushes. I had quite an inventory of paints, but haven’t been able to locate them since the move last year. Hmmm, me-thinks it’s time to do some digging! I really miss painting.
Here are a few items that I put on my tree!


Along with cherishing things from the past, I have also been thinking about what the future holds! With the events of the past year, I have been doing some serious soul searching. I looked back to the days when I was working full time, going through major health issues, raising a small child, trying to manage a household while my husband worked extra hard to help put a roof over our head and food in our tummies. As I mentioned in an earlier post all of this combined with the New Year has given me a whole new perspective. I felt like I wanted to help. I felt compelled to help other women, Mothers, wives, corporate executives, and SAHM’s.

I know what the daily struggle is like. Staying organized and having a plan will help those who need it stay on track and able enjoy the time with their families and friends. So having been inspired by this desire to empower women to enjoy themselves, their lives, their families; I am in the process of opening “Om ~ Organized Mom”. This shop will offer printable pdf lists, trackers and goal sheets each designed with busy women in mind. In the future my hopes are to expand the shop and offer complete home organization packages that I will ship directly to you in a binder. It’s also my desire to write an eBook on Stress Management and Relaxation; Health and Wellness and much more. As soon as I get some items listed I'll let you know! The site address is Om Organized Mom to be activated soon!!! Check back for an opportunity to get your household chaos, dinner plans and your life back under control!!!


Pattie said...

This is an amazing idea!!
I know it will be a big hit :)

IRMA said...

I followed the links from your Organized Mom shop on etsy, I left a message on there regarding my interest in purchasing your Home Management Systems. Let me know what you are going to include and when you will have one available.

Thank you