Marathon Training ~ Day 19

I knew you'd miss me!
Well even though I haven't been keeping on top of my posts, I have been keeping on top of my training. Even with a couple of trips away during march break.Luckily, I went away with my sister, Heather, who is also training. We managed to go out for a few runs and sneak in an extra workout while we were there! It felt great to be on vacation and still maintain the running regime.
Let me take you back a couple of days....Monday's scheduled workout was Stretch and Strength. Fantastic! I'll make use of my recently neglected Hot Yoga membership and take a much needed class. It incorporates both the stretching and added strength that I am looking for. It was a fantastic class. 75 minutes of heated stretching, pose holding, deep breathing and sweating. Actually by the time I left the studio, it was a total of an hour and a half! I was rejuvenated! I am determined to go at least once a week!
I could feel my muscles getting really tight on Monday night. By Tuesday morning, yeowch!! I could hardly get out of bed!! My LEGS were so sore, that in order to walk I had to swing my legs from my hips. Ok, I said to myself, I'm going to make today my rest day. Wednesday wasn't much better, it was supposed to be a cross training day or easy run. Lets just say that on Wednesday, I walked. I walked around the yard. It was ALL I could do. Thursday was an improvement, I managed to stretch the legs out a bit. I met with Heather and we went for a 5k run. Just what I needed!!! I spent a lot of time after the run working on stretching out my hamstrings ~ which needed it badly! So I suppose my point here would be, that Hot Yoga kicks your ass and just be ready for it. It's a fantastic way to de-stress and work out at the same time (I didn't even mention once the REST of my body which is still feeling it a little...chaturanga really works your arms and back...holy cow!!). And yes, I will still be adding it to my weekly work out rotation. Yaaay....Hot Yoga!
Today, well, today officially a rest day, but since I wussed out on Tuesday, I'll make today my 5.5k run. And speaking of running (haven't I been doing that already!??!), I was having real problems with shin splints. I was really over-pronating on my left side and it was becoming a real problem, the pain was keeping me from pushing myself and I was constantly having to stop during a run. NEW SHOES ALERT!!

I decided it was time for some new footwear. The last pair I had were really great but not the right size and just didn't help my running! new Asics Cumulus 11's are amazing and I could feel the difference after one run! Is it possible to be in love with your shoes? Well, I am!

Marathon Training ~ Day Three!!

I did NOT do his Video today!!

Day Three on my half marathon training schedule is either an easy 2m run or some other cross training.
I had the best intentions of doing one of my Tony Horton DVD's for my cross-training session today. What I did instead turned out to be the most intense and invigorating workouts I've had in a long time!
Picture this. It's 11am. It's a nice spring morning, still a little crisp out but not cold enough to keep three kids indoors!! Hey, let's walk to the market and back ~ great idea!! I threw on the backpack for the groceries and strapped three kids into the wagon. It's a 2m walk, there and back. The kids (combined, of course) weigh in at approx. 100 lbs, plus the wagon! Down hill all the way there....which means uphill all the way back (and they are steep!!). I huffed and puffed my way back home lugging a 100 pound wagon full of kiddies and and a backpack full of groceries!!
My glutes were on fire, my lungs were working overtime and my biceps were bulging!! I will, no doubt, be feeling it tomorrow!
I don't know if Tony Horton has ever tried MY workout, he might want to give it a try... ;)

Marathon Training ~ Day 2

This is NOT me! (But it will be soon!!)
Day Two...
Started the day with a 3 mile (4.85 km) run in the sunshine this morning! Today was my first outdoor run in months (it was a long, cold and slippery winter here!). I took the time to map out my route yesterday, and even drove it to see how far it was....exactly 5km!! It was fun, and very challenging to tackle those hills...feeling really good!
So, it just happened that today I was also scheduled for my yearly physical. Perfect. I have an official "start" weight.
Here are my starting stats:
Weight 122.3 pounds
Pant Size: 6
I think that's enough for now, don't you?!! Oh, and P.S. I am NOT weighting myself again until I run my race!!

Half Marathon - Training Day ONE!!

Well, it's time. Finally time to get serious, get down to business and get my butt moving.
Back in November, my sister and I signed up for the Ottawa Marathon, May 30th, 2010 ~ both of us doing the half marathon. As the months flew by from then to now, I convinced myself the my once (maybe twice) a week run could be considered "training". It no doubt has prepared me in many ways, but I highly doubt it could be considered "training" by ANY means!
So here it is. Day One.
This means, I have 12 weeks, which amounts to 84 days, to whip this body of mine into half-marathon shape. Yikes. Seems a little scary but I know I can do it!!
If any of you have been following me over the past year, you'll know what I (and my poor body) have been through. For those of you don't follow me, the synopsis is: lost the baby, had 2 surgeries, diagnosed with GTD (pregnacy related cancer), chemo for 3 months, recovery, and have been given a "clean bill of health". (It sounds so much less tragic when surmised in this manner!!). I have so many reasons to compete in this race. Here are a few:
  1. Health ~ not to be taken for granted, although I often do. I really have a strong desire to feed the body well, take it to new fitness heights and test my abilities as an athlete.
  2. Motivation ~ having said what I have above, I sometimes find it VERY hard to stay motivated and I am hoping that this looming deadline of 12 weeks will keep me on top of any doubts I may have about myself.
  3. Personal goal ~ who wouldn't want to compete in their first EVER race a month after they celebrate their 40th birthday??
  4. Lifestyle ~ I am hoping that this way of life will become habitual and addictive. I really do want to be healthy, strong, capable and fit. For the rest of my life, not for just "right now".
  5. Nutrition ~ I want to eat better (how many times have we ALL said that), and learn how to feed my body so it operates at it's optimum. As a HUGE added bonus, I'm hoping it will rub off on my hubby and son. I want us all to eat better, for all of our sakes!!
  6. Mental Health ~ in my ongoing search for "me" in the Universe, I feel like this could help open doors and take me to a new spiritual level. Not only that, I know that running and overall improved health and fitness will help with so many things, like my ability to cope with stress, mental clarity, improved mood and energy levels. And the list goes on.
Now you know why this is so important to me.
So here is my first entry of many with regards to this "training" that I am embarking on. I searched the internet, magazines and books for a good, easy to follow training "calender". I found a lot of useful, complete and sometimes overwhelming programs. I found one that works for me (I am hoping it does, anyway!) and it's now on the Fridge.
Day ONE: Stretch and Strength. I like this because it incorporates two elements that I want to add to my fitness "addiction". Along with the running, I want to add some muscle tone and remain flexible. Cool!!
Okay....Here we go!