Marathon Training ~ Day 19

I knew you'd miss me!
Well even though I haven't been keeping on top of my posts, I have been keeping on top of my training. Even with a couple of trips away during march break.Luckily, I went away with my sister, Heather, who is also training. We managed to go out for a few runs and sneak in an extra workout while we were there! It felt great to be on vacation and still maintain the running regime.
Let me take you back a couple of days....Monday's scheduled workout was Stretch and Strength. Fantastic! I'll make use of my recently neglected Hot Yoga membership and take a much needed class. It incorporates both the stretching and added strength that I am looking for. It was a fantastic class. 75 minutes of heated stretching, pose holding, deep breathing and sweating. Actually by the time I left the studio, it was a total of an hour and a half! I was rejuvenated! I am determined to go at least once a week!
I could feel my muscles getting really tight on Monday night. By Tuesday morning, yeowch!! I could hardly get out of bed!! My LEGS were so sore, that in order to walk I had to swing my legs from my hips. Ok, I said to myself, I'm going to make today my rest day. Wednesday wasn't much better, it was supposed to be a cross training day or easy run. Lets just say that on Wednesday, I walked. I walked around the yard. It was ALL I could do. Thursday was an improvement, I managed to stretch the legs out a bit. I met with Heather and we went for a 5k run. Just what I needed!!! I spent a lot of time after the run working on stretching out my hamstrings ~ which needed it badly! So I suppose my point here would be, that Hot Yoga kicks your ass and just be ready for it. It's a fantastic way to de-stress and work out at the same time (I didn't even mention once the REST of my body which is still feeling it a little...chaturanga really works your arms and back...holy cow!!). And yes, I will still be adding it to my weekly work out rotation. Yaaay....Hot Yoga!
Today, well, today officially a rest day, but since I wussed out on Tuesday, I'll make today my 5.5k run. And speaking of running (haven't I been doing that already!??!), I was having real problems with shin splints. I was really over-pronating on my left side and it was becoming a real problem, the pain was keeping me from pushing myself and I was constantly having to stop during a run. NEW SHOES ALERT!!

I decided it was time for some new footwear. The last pair I had were really great but not the right size and just didn't help my running! new Asics Cumulus 11's are amazing and I could feel the difference after one run! Is it possible to be in love with your shoes? Well, I am!

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Tolduso said...

I love yoga and I am trying to be a lover of shins start to burn and i gotta stop walk and run...breaking them in i guess..i also bought some new shoes but still the same burning shins...keep it up...