Marathon Training ~ Day 2

This is NOT me! (But it will be soon!!)
Day Two...
Started the day with a 3 mile (4.85 km) run in the sunshine this morning! Today was my first outdoor run in months (it was a long, cold and slippery winter here!). I took the time to map out my route yesterday, and even drove it to see how far it was....exactly 5km!! It was fun, and very challenging to tackle those hills...feeling really good!
So, it just happened that today I was also scheduled for my yearly physical. Perfect. I have an official "start" weight.
Here are my starting stats:
Weight 122.3 pounds
Pant Size: 6
I think that's enough for now, don't you?!! Oh, and P.S. I am NOT weighting myself again until I run my race!!

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