Marathon Training ~ Day Three!!

I did NOT do his Video today!!

Day Three on my half marathon training schedule is either an easy 2m run or some other cross training.
I had the best intentions of doing one of my Tony Horton DVD's for my cross-training session today. What I did instead turned out to be the most intense and invigorating workouts I've had in a long time!
Picture this. It's 11am. It's a nice spring morning, still a little crisp out but not cold enough to keep three kids indoors!! Hey, let's walk to the market and back ~ great idea!! I threw on the backpack for the groceries and strapped three kids into the wagon. It's a 2m walk, there and back. The kids (combined, of course) weigh in at approx. 100 lbs, plus the wagon! Down hill all the way there....which means uphill all the way back (and they are steep!!). I huffed and puffed my way back home lugging a 100 pound wagon full of kiddies and and a backpack full of groceries!!
My glutes were on fire, my lungs were working overtime and my biceps were bulging!! I will, no doubt, be feeling it tomorrow!
I don't know if Tony Horton has ever tried MY workout, he might want to give it a try... ;)

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