Marathon Training Day 32

We are making some SERIOUS headway here!!
Recently I had been plagued by horrible shin splints, and after changing my shoes (see my last post) I have had a few good solid runs without terrible pain. I was still having to stop for mini 30 second breaks to "breathe into them" and try to break up some of the bad energy and pain. I have also been doing some stretching and shin specific exercises to help make them stronger. Well it must be working!
Today was my very first uninterrupted run since I began my training. I have been doing intervals up to this point and having to take "shin" breaks has been slowing me down! I ran a full 11.5K without one single break. This is big news for me and feel like I have hit a pivotal point in my training!! I am also very big on a 5 minute warm up and at least 5 - 10 minute cool down + stretching time. Felt really good today, almost like I was just floating along! Incredible!
My cross-training for the past couple of weeks has included: mountain biking, hot yoga, regular yoga and some home exercise DVD's (my fave is the belly dancing one - try it, it's fun!). I am feeling great and my body is loving all of the exercise I have been giving it lately. I am not entirely sure my efforts have resulted in any significant weight loss as of yet. Please read on to see why.
There's only one part of the equation that I am currently falling behind with. Nutrition. I need some serious help with my dietary struggles! I am so intimidated by what's right, what's not, and how to BUY, COOK and SERVE the stuff. If I were rich I would hire myself a personal nutritionist complete with the chef to prepare it and place it before me!! But, I digress!
My wonderful sister, Heather is doing a cleanse right now. I really should be joining her, but {again} I find myself struggling with the whole process of purchasing what's right, getting it home and THEN WHAT!? I seriously get lost with this stuff sometimes!! I have been eating better, for sure, but still...I could be taking this to the next level (and should be).
Hard to believe that one year ago (almost to the day) that I began my chemotherapy treatments. I have come a long way, and am not at all disappointed in how far I have come!
And I ain't finished yet!!!