It's almost go time!

We'll here we are the final stretch of my half marathon training. Its been a long haul for sure! This training hasn't been easy, but it sure has been fun!!
A week and a half ago, I managed a very "easy" 14K run. I felt like a million bucks, I almost went for another 7...but decided not to over do it. I got home, really had a good stretch, a hot bath and went about my day. By that evening, I could feel it. It felt like a knife was twisting just inside and underneath my knee. Uh-oh!! Time for R.I.C.E. and anti-inflammatories.
Needless to say, I rested that poor knee for a week and a half! It seemed to work, and I continued my training wearing a knee brace for support. Whew!!! Not long now until race day.
I am really hoping that I can get myself back on track. And that I don't injure myself during my Half!!
EDITORIAL NOTE: This blog post was saved to my drafts and never published! I am publishing it now, even though the race is done!

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Jon Fine said...

Wow, your a runner, you must be in great shape, I'm more into bicycling, I like to be sitting when I exercise, Lol
By the way thansk for following my blog, I just became a follower of yours, very nice