Eye Candy

Monday's are crazy here. My son wants me to play, the house is a mess from the weekend and backyard deck renovations are in full swing. On top of my daily responsibilities, I am one of those "creative" type. A little scatter-brained at times, I always seem to have a project or 6 on the go at any given moment!! There are a lot of things begging for my attention and sometimes I lose track of what I am supposed to be doing. As I write this, I am in the middle of eating breakfast, cleaning my sons room and finishing a love knot scarf. Can't I just do ONE thing at a time????! Sometimes I am all over the place (physically AND mentally) and I need to tell myself to walk away, breathe and re-focus! Ahhhh, there we go! Re-FOCUS!!! It helps...for the most part! So on this crazy Monday, I'll keep my post short and sweet!! And give you a little something to gaze upon and you re-focus!
Happy Monday!!
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