Winner announcement for ECO-Contest

We have a winner.
And an apology. I normally don't "forget" to announce my winners or at least leave a note of some sort!! July was CRAZY busy and I ended up taking some extended holidays, camping then to the cottage. It was great!! Needless to say, Internet access is non-existent in the areas of Ontario that I was enjoying so much!
Well, I'm not going to lie to you...this was hard. You ladies gave me some really great suggestions, and had my creative wheels in overdrive (yeowch!). But only one could be chosen!

So here it is....and the winner is

Kisa suggested that I make a shrug for a swiffer mop! I really love this idea and will be constructing this nifty handy cleaning tool in the next few weeks. Sounds like she can use one of these around the house will all of those kids!! Kisa, you'll also get the "green machine" magnet. Way to go Green, Girl!!