~~Night table tales~~

My sister and I talked about our Soul Spaces last week. You know, a place where you can go, just to be. A place to breathe, heal, reflect and observe.

I consider my bedroom my one of my "soul spaces". I spent a lot of time there healing and recovering from chemo treatments; hours upon hours spent reading and napping while the warm sun streamed in the room. It was instrumental in my quick recovery and positive attitude. Piled high on my night table you’d always find a stack of self-help, law of attraction and spirituality books. Oh, and don’t forget one or two Harry Potter books for good measure!

Add to that collection some healing stones and crystals, reiki aura sprays and oracle cards. All of them neatly {crammed} into my small night tables single drawer (right beside the ear-plugs…but alas, that’s another post!!). My hubby rolls his eyes at me. A lot! He just thinks I’m weird…in a cute sort of way.

I felt the need to clear the soul space.

So this weekend, I tidied up those stacks of books. I carefully stowed them underneath, on the bottom shelf, where they belong. They’re still within easy reach and now granting me an easy view of the clock radio. I really paid attention to everything as I moved and put items where they belonged. It’s nice to get reacquainted with items that you are so used to seeing and being around every day. It’s even nicer to look at things from a new perspective.

After I had cleared the top and gave it a nice dusting, I wanted something fresh and new to go there. Liven it up a little bit. A-ha! Nice little display case that I had gotten as part of a gift basket years ago gets new life breathed into it! It now displays my most prized healing crystals, a beautiful pottery bowl my sister made filled with stones and some of my aromatherapy oils. It’s also a nice tidy place for my oracle cards. A little “soul temple” if you will. Not big enough to be considered a shrine, but just right for my space! Just right for me ~ I love it.

I may be weird, or crazy, or whatever. But I’m me and that’s the way it is.

Do you have a soul space? Tell me about it – share your ideas, you may just inspire someone to create there own soul space!

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serenaleggo said...

i sleep with earplugs too dawn!! lol.