~ Sneek Peek ~

Summer has kept me very busy!! Between working, playing, crocheting and creating, I have been spending lots of time with my amazing family and re-connecting with some very special friends.
I am also currently in the middle of going from my full time job to part time (yaay!!) and starting another online side business. This new change will allow me more time to blog, Etsy and ramp up my new business as well. VERY exciting times!
As busy as I may be, I will NEVER EVER EVER be too busy to crochet.
Here's a little peek at what is going up on the shop very shortly. New baby blankets are on the way...here's one of them!

And in true artistic fashion, this is just one of about 5 things on the go at the moment.  Others include 2 more baby blankets, a yoga mat bag, a grounding meditation/prayer shawl and an afghan for my hubby! 
Hmmm, and I think I'll make some candles next week!

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