An Ode to my Uterus

On Thursday April 4th, 2013, I had a partial hysterectomy. This came after MUCH thought and deliberation. This will mean a better quality of life, fuller enjoyment of life and more time with my family!! Today, 4 days after surgery, I am resting at home, very comfortable, and basking in the love, health and healing I am feeling!!

So here it is.....

Ode to my Uterus

Today I say good bye

The feeling bitter-sweet

To an old friend, an organ,

Between my boobs and feet.

Today I reminisce

On the days we spent together

Of the times we spent indoors, in bed

Regardless of the weather.

The pain of monthly visits

You brought without fail,

The joy of bi-weekly agony

I would wave the white sail.

Before I say good-bye to you

There is one thing you should know

I am truly full of gratitude

For the son you did bestow.

I do not begrudge you

Poor bloated little uterus,

But I am happy to be healing

Now that you are out of us.

So in closing I say to you,

To the organ I have no longer

Farewell, so long, Adieu and

Thank you for making me stronger.