30 Day Challenge

I am not an athlete. I am not a professional. I am simply someone who wants to get off the couch and make some changes. Who wants to join me!? Start whenever you like, but don't give up!

Right click to save, and print! Cross off each day as completed! We can do this!!

As noted above, I am not a trainer, athlete or even good at getting my ass on the treadmill when I know I should.  I have made this chart to give myself a challenge, and would love if you joined me. By sharing it with you, I am assuming that you already know what squats, push ups and planks are. If you don't know the proper form for these, I highly suggest googling them.
Print the challenge up, tape to your bedroom door (or anywhere else you'll see it daily to keep you motivated) and cross off each day with RED marker. You've done it! Woot! Woot!
Be sure to take base line measurements and weight. And if you are brave enough, photos!!!  Use the bottom area to make notes such as what you are eating (ie gluten free, clean, etc.) and any other exercise you are doing, if any.  Please feel free to leave me any comments and I will do my best to answer any questions. Good luck and have fun!

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Troy said...

I'm in. When are you starting?